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CEO Wearing Hanbok [one's autograph]

CEO Wearing Hanbok [one's autograph]
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CEO Wearing Hanbok [one's autograph]
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From one day, 'Don't you seem to see hanbok often?
The story of a famous K-pop star wearing hanbok on stage, the story of Jeong Ho-yeon showing off hanbok fashion at a global awards ceremony, the story of a famous luxury brand taking a pictorial with the concept of hanbok... Hanbok fashion is a 'trend' wherever you go. is emerging as
Did you know that there was a tearful effort by 'hanbok virtuosos' who have been digging for 17 years to make hanbok a trendy fashion?
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I don't know fashion, I don't have money
A 20-year-old virtuoso who shouted 'conquer the world with Hanbok'

It was in the early 2000s, when a non-major college student who had no knowledge of fashion made and tried on a hanbok costume at a school festival, “I will become the best in hanbok.. I will become the best and conquer the world fashion world.” When I declared it, everyone laughed. Who wears Hanbok? “Do you know the market economy?” No matter how much people around me tried to tear it off, I couldn't hear it at all to Hwang Yi-seul, who had already fallen in love with hanbok.
With less than 1,000,000 won, I bought scrap fabric from a hanbok shop that was going out of business.

Being scammed because I don't know the business
The design was stolen and I had to go through all sorts of sorrows
The result of 17 years of 'honor' with only love for hanbok... .
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Designer of BTS Hanbok
The first Hanbok brand to appear at Milan Fashion Week
Hanbok brand that Forbes and New York Times paid attention to
A popular brand that achieved an average of 100 million in funding for 18 consecutive times

Instead of the title of 'hanbok fan', pretty cool labels started following Hwang Dewseul.
Hanbok, which was only worn on holidays, and monotonous improved Hanbok, which was the exclusive property of Korean history teachers, has evolved into a colorful and unique street fashion, as well as a 'Hanbok stage costume' worn by K-POP stars during performances to boldly confront the prejudice that it is uncomfortable.
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17 years of efforts to popularize hanbok have yielded results.
As a hanbok brand, we started to be invited for the first time as a hanbok brand to stages and awards ceremonies that only 'fashion brands' could climb, and hanbok, which was difficult to find even when we entered the funding platform in the early days, has now become the main category of tumblbug.
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Created the Hanbok brand 'Lisele' that the world pays attention to
The 4 Principles of Iseul Hwang Designer

Until Hwang Yi-seul, who had no money or back, made great achievements.
There was a special management spirit based on 4 principles.

Following the twists and turns of 'Liseul', the start-up story of 『I wear Hanbok and go to Hongdae』
A follow-up after 8 years that contains the fierce management story of 'Liseul'
We reveal all the know-how in 『CEO Wearing Hanbok』.
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Iseul Hwang, a hanbok virtuoso who has been leading the brand for 17 years, has been thrown into the field 'realistically' alone without capital and proceeded with everything from start-up, design, management, marketing, and distribution.

This autobiography can be seen as the spirit of the creator who did not give up even though the company failed in mass production, invested a lot of money, and the company suddenly went bankrupt, stealing designs and being impersonated, and was often pushed back by rapidly emerging corporate competitors. can.

From a small hanbok brand that no one was looking for as a one-person start-up to growing into a trend leader leading daily fashion ㅡ funny, sad, frustrating, angry but exhilarating 'sseuse', he comfortably solved it like a friend.
I believe that my story will be a small light that illuminates the way for entrepreneurs, managers, and creators who are struggling!
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* The content is the same, but the composition of the table of contents and sentence expression may be slightly different.
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Q. How did a small brand collaborate with famous stars and large corporations?

___ One of the ways to popularize hanbok in Lisle's opinion is 'collaboration'. ___(omitted)___It is a strategy to mix hanbok with the hippest and trendiest things to make it familiar to the public.___(omitted)___One day I received an e-mail. It was an email from a SPA brand called 'Spao' of E-Land. ___ 「How do you collaborate with large companies? middle」

Q. Can I do business without a decent 'academic background' and 'license'?

___I chose this job to wear hanbok to my heart's content. When you think of a designer, you would expect to have majored in fashion design or apparel, but everyone is often surprised by the story of an unexpected graduate school___「The moment I fell in love with Hanbok」

Q. I have meetings because I feel like I am always in the same place without growth. Is there a reason why Lisl suddenly grew up?

___ There is a moment of sudden leap when doing business. Every time I feel like I'm in the same place and I wonder if this path is right for my slow growth, the moment when I explode like a puff pastry will surely come.

Q. Since it is a one-person company with no capital, you can't hire employees or do marketing... How can you make it big?

___After the failure of the first mass production in 2011, I was depressed for a while___(omitted)___I decided to first check the market reaction through a teaser. With a trembling heart, I wore it myself, became a model, took a picture, and posted it on my blog. The length of the skirt, the sleeves, and the details of what kind of troubles went into making this one piece were left behind. This time, we did not produce in advance, but took a pre-order method. It was to avoid repeating the same mistakes as there was already a failure experience of the first mass failure. The atmosphere was different from the first. At the same time as the upload, dozens of comments started running within a day. I thought this would be it. 「From a series of beautiful women born through thorough analysis」


Q. Did you meet BTS in person?
Q. How are hanboks for K-pop singers made?
Q. Were there any difficult and difficult moments while doing business?
Q. Is there something you do every day to get inspired?
Q. What is the secret to successful funding every time?
Q. How did you prepare for the Milan Fashion Week fashion show?
Q. Do I have to go to college to become a designer? etc

The book contains all the questions and questions that the author has heard hundreds of times. For students who are thinking about their career path and creators in the field, I refrained from difficult terms as much as possible and wrote the principles and secrets of success in real and easy-to-understand words. Don't miss the new book <CEO Wearing Hanbok> published for the first time in 8 years through Tumblbug!
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Author: Iseul Hwang

'Liseul', managed by the author, is a modern hanbok brand with annual sales of 2.5 billion.
It is leading the hanbok market by recording the 3rd place in domestic market share and the 1st place in global exports.
Recognized for popularizing hanbok as a 'fashion' rather than traditional clothing, we are leading the popularization of hanbok by winning the Prime Minister's Commendation at the Korea Fashion Awards in 2021 and appearing at Milan Fashion Week for the first time as a hanbok brand in 2022.

With the motto of 'Hanbok that can be worn like jeans', casual hanbok designs that are easy to coordinate with the clothes in the closet are produced, hanbok stage costumes for BTS, Mamamoo, and ViviGi are produced, accessories for the Galaxy Z4 series in collaboration with Samsung are produced, and SPAO hanbok pajamas We are continuing the 'traditional hip' collaboration that captivates MZ consumers, such as production.

The creator is from a non-fashion major, and when he was in his first year at the Department of Forestry Resources, he made and wore hanbok costume costumes with scraps left over from ruined hanbok shops and blanket shops, and fell in love with the charm of hanbok. Since then, as a one-person designer for 17 years, he has been in charge of design, production, distribution, marketing, and consulting, and is operating about 10 sales channels.
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'How can we encourage more creators?
Can I send my support?'
A book written with the heart

Hwang Yi-seul knows better than anyone else the feelings of aspiring entrepreneurs and managers who are having a hard time without capital, licenses, and backgrounds. Even if you want to take on a challenge, you hesitate when you think about the opportunity cost, and you get caught up in the thought of what to do if you fail. In particular, as the modern hanbok market did 17 years ago, those who are leading the business with unprecedented 'minor items' will want to hear advice from anyone.

Creator Hwang Yi-seul has generously shared his know-how through special lectures, consulting, advisory, and interviews to give such people even a little strength. However, since I went through design, production, distribution management, and marketing alone, there were limits to meeting many people. How can I meet more people beyond the constraints of time and space? When I think of it, it reminds me of a book! So, although I was busy, I thought I should make time to write the second book, and that's how I ended up writing in 8 years. It is a book that saves sleeping time, immerses for 6 months without holidays, and even contains the latest collaboration cases.

This book is not a recipe book. However, it contains the painful experience that I realized through hundreds of thousands of challenges and the golden wisdom I found after investing a lot of money. I hope you can avoid the stone road that can be avoided through the story of the creator, and find a calm lantern that lights the way to your dream.
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[Book Information]

Plate type: 140*210
Cover : Magic fabric 210g, color printing, soft cover
Inner: Off-white imitation 100g, 4 degree color
Estimated pages to print: 300 to 320 pages
Book price: 17,000 won -> 10% discount from regular price 15,300 won
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This is the first collaboration project between Iseul Hwang, CEO of Lisle, and Guardian Publishing.
Founded in 2010, Guardian Publishing is a brand that publishes books in various fields such as economic management, self-development, essays, and humanities.
We are introducing books necessary for innovation and sustainable growth in the era of unlimited competition to the world.
We seek personal and social well-being and seek to provide insight into people and the world.

As part of a project that meets such values, I believe that CEO Hwang Yi-seul's book will provide great inspiration to change the lives of countless readers.
Be sure to check how much strength and worthwhile challenges to overcome difficulties make us grow.
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